"The MIGHTY Lord is with us; the God of Jacob is our FORTRESS." Psalm 46:7

In military service


Joel Shriver


Joel Shriver is the only member of Mighty Fortress who is on active duty for the United States military.  He is a Navy Seabee who is currently stationed in the mountains of Afghanistan.  He is scheduled to return home soon, so we await his safe return.  Please remember him in your prayers.  His birthday is November 18th.  Here is his current contact info:

Joel Shriver

PRG 6-1

APO AE 09354-3005

Email: orangemox@yahoo.com


As of March 23, 2008 Joel has returned safely to the United States, so he is no longer in Afghanistan.  Join us in thanking the Lord for his faithful duty to his country, and for having kept him in his protective care.  Joel is still in the reserves, and may be deployed again in the future. 

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